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Who Am I?

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Bassil Taleb is a Syrian-Turkish artist creating digital generative art through code. Combining geometric systems with nuanced and carefully choreographed motions, Bassil's work is visually striking and emotionally resonant. Drawing inspiration from his architectural background, his experience in creating patterns and systems informs his creative process, leading to works that are both aesthetically pleasing, visually complex yet easily approachable, and thought-provoking.

Bassil's art invites viewers to see aspects of their own lives and experiences. His works capture facets of the human experience, providing a space for reflection and contemplation. Through his creations, Bassil aims to bridge the gap between physical form and emotional expression, as he believes that we all share similar stories, but each of us expresses them in our own unique way.

With empathy and a strong desire to connect with his audience, Bassil lays a canvas for them to see their own stories in his art. His immersive, hypnotic works create a space for viewers to enter a state of trance, engaging deeply with each piece. He seeks to create an experience that allows the observer to lose themselves in the moment, emerging with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

For Bassil, the creation of art is an exploration of themes and topics that emerge through experimentation to create works that evoke a sense of dynamism and flow that captivates the viewer's attention, creating a visceral connection to the art.

Bassil Taleb

   Selected exhibitions, events and honors:    

  • NFT Liverpool - Jun 2022

  • Miami Art Basel 2022 - SHILLR x UNFOLD

  • When Digital Art Transforms Urban Space at Miami Brightline Central station, Miami - ArtCrush Gallery Dec 2022

  • DANY2023 Beijing - NEAL DIGITAL Gallery - Jan 2023

  • NFT AR Berlin - Jan 2023

  • Vertical Crypto Art Residency 5th Cohort - Jan 2023

  • NFT NYC - Apr 2023

  • Vertical Crypto Art Residency - End of Residency Exhibition And Auction - April 2023 (Online)

  • ArtCrush Gallery World Tour May 2023 - Tokyo Event 

  • ArtCrush Gallery Time Square Dec. 2023 - New York

  • MONO Tunis, Tunisia, March 2024.

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