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Echoes of Self  

Created during my residency with  Vertical  Crypto Art.

An introspective exploration of the inner voice that speaks to us all. The piece invites the viewer to contemplate the depths of their own psyche through its subtle blue hue and monochromatic tone. The animation is a play of light and shadow, evoking the rigidity of architectural forms and the fluidity of sound waves. The movement of the piece is inspired by the visualizations of audio frequencies, lending a sense of fluidity and organic growth to the inner landscape being depicted.
As the viewer watches, they are transported to a place of inner reflection, where the echoes of the self reverberate and shift in an ever-changing monologue. The piece captures the mutable nature of the inner voice, always evolving and growing, adapting to our own growth and evolution.
The inner voice is complex and multi-faceted, and Echoes of Self seeks to capture this complexity.

It can be soothing and gentle, offering comfort and support when we need it most, or it can be harsh and critical, tearing us down and questioning our every move. Yet through it all, the voice remains a vital part of who we are, shaping and guiding us as we navigate the world around us. Echoes of Self invites the viewer to delve into the depths of their own inner voice, to explore the shifting soliloquies and evolving monologues that guide and shape their lives.

A generative artwork made with Python in Blender.

Blockchain: Tezos

Creation Date: 2023

Format: Video (mp4) 18 second loop.

Resolution: 4k (square)

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