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The movement in the piece serves as a metaphor for the way we engage in collective behavior on social media, constantly influenced by the actions and reactions of others. The overall effect is entrancing, drawing the viewer into a hypnotic exploration of color, shape, and movement."The Grass Is Greener" is a captivating piece that encourages us to reflect on our relationship with social media and the impact it has on our well-being.
A generative animated artwork made with Python in Blender.

The Grass Is Greener 

Drawing inspiration from the emotions we experience while scrolling through social media, "The Grass Is Greener" captures the sense of comparison and longing that often arises as we measure our lives up against those of others in a detached context. The shifting phases of the piece suggest the fleeting nature of these emotions, as we constantly divert our attention from one image or post to the next.
Through its spellbinding visual display, The piece invites us to reflect on the impact of social media on our psyche and to consider the ways in which we can cultivate greater contentment and appreciation for the present moment. The mesmerizing animation takes the form of a phyllotaxis, revealing portions of the entire geometry at a time, but withholding a full view of the shape. Against a dominant yellowish background, the piece is rendered in a monochromatic color scheme of varying shades of yellow, white, and darkish brownish-yellow.

Blockchain: Not Minted

Creation Date: 2023

Format: Video (mp4) 30 second loop.

Resolution: 4k (square)

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