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At the heart of our interconnected lives, "Mahsus" emerges as a reflection on the subtle yet profound ways in which intimacy and touch manifest within the digital sphere. This project captures the essence of those fleeting moments where the physical and emotional intertwine, reminiscent of a whispered affection or the gentlest of contacts that leave behind a trace of warmth and closeness.

Drawing from a rich palette of shared experiences that shape our identities and our relationships with the world, "Mahsus" invites its audience to delve into the sensations of touch—those that are premeditated and bear an intimate, personal signature. Through this exploration, the work contemplates how such interactions, though often absent in digital exchanges, remain pivotal in our understanding and experience of connection.

By reimagining the tactile within a digital context, the project offers a meditative space for viewers to engage with the notion of digital intimacy encouraging a contemplation on the ways digital and physical realms can converge, evoking the genuine feeling of being touched, both physically and emotionally.

In this endeavor, "Mahsus" seeks to underscore the emotional and intimate facets of human interaction. It stands as an invitation to experience, to feel, and to reflect on the intricate dance of human connection in our increasingly digital world.

"Mahsus" while phonetically reminiscent of the Arabic "محسوس"—meaning "felt" or "sensed"—derives its meaning in Turkish from the Arabic "مخصوص," denoting something specifically intended. This nuanced lineage enriches the project's thematic exploration of deliberate, sensory connection across cultural boundaries.

Blockchain: Tezos

Creation Date: 2024

Format: Long form, P5.js

Edition size: 1/1 x 200

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